Watch our webinar with Analysys Mason

Vendor-agnostic data platforms will accelerate CSPs' transformation from telco to 'tech-co'


How will a data-driven approach enable you to swiftly respond to market changes and prepare for an ecosystem model of operations?

Listen to the on-demand webinar with John Abraham, Principal Analyst Digital Transformation at Analysys Mason, as we discuss the vital role of data platforms in CSPs' shift from being traditional telcos to 'tech-cos'

In this on-demand webinar, you will get insights on: 

Drivers for CSP cloud transformation

In this session, John will present his observations and insights on drivers for 5G and the sub-sequential desire of CSPs to embark on cloud transformation of their BSS and OSS systems

New opportunities for monetization and charging

John will look at new network functions that have created opportunities for network monetization and charging 

Balancing investment, operational efficiency and revenue creation

John will look at how CSPs achieve equilibrium and the cost of investment versus operational efficiency balance in the 5G low ARPU years 


Cloud-native adoption and FMO

John will look at the adoption evolution of cloud-native applications and the subsequent future model of operation once they are in place 

Phasing cloud-native development and deployment

John will look into the anticipated CSP phased approach to cloud-native development and deployment. Covering the 3 phases of, vendor-owned micro-services, CSP owned micro-services and co-creation/marketplace of services