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What 5G use cases will communications service providers (CSPs) and their enterprise customers be able to monetize? Download our guide to learn about 5G use cases and monetization scenarios for B2C, B2B, and B2B2X. 


The guide will help commercial and product executives at CSPs understand what 5G monetization scenarios can involve, in terms of business models, partnerships and technology. 




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"This guide zooms in on one of the trickier parts of monetizing usage-based business models: how to handle the usage data that generates your revenue. We’ve spoken to a bunch of people who’ve spent their careers solving this problem. And we’ve compiled all their hard-won advice and experience into this guide. "

Andreas Zartmann - CEO


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Get an overview of new 5G business models for CSPs.

Learn about the three main challenges when launching 5G services.


Better understand CSP and enterprise ecosystems in 5G.

See examples of monetizing 5G in the home and at a warehouse.


Understand what B2B2X charging scenarios can involve.

You could lose 1-5% of your revenue due to errors in data processing.

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DigitalRoute helps CSPs and world-leading brands monetize usage-based services with our unique Usage Data Platform. Read about our 5G platform and partnerships on the link below.

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