On-demand webinar:
Solving the dirty data
challenge in your
quote-to-cash process.
Featuring MGI Research

Companies are handling increasingly large volumes of data in their quote-to-cash processes, but what happens when this data is dirty?

Watch our on-demand webinar with MGI Research as they discuss the challenge of dirty data in quote-to-cash stacks and new ways to solve the problem.

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Solving the dirty data challenge in your quote-to-cash process

MGI Research, an independent research and strategic advisory firm delivering insights on monetization, has conducted extensive research on how organizations process data in their billing systems. They estimate that 50% of total revenue leakage in organizations is related to data issues, and that data challenges are a leading cause of billing project failure.

In the webinar, MGI Research discusses:

  • The problem of inconsistent, incomplete data in billing systems.
  • How dirty data impacts an organization’s ability to launch new services.
  • Effective strategies for improving data hygiene in monetization processes.
  • What different types of data processing solutions to use and when.
  • Examples of companies that have successfully transformed quote-to-cash processes. 

MGI Research also discusses how organizations need to rethink how they solve business problems and make data a priority. They give practical tips on how to create a data management approach, assign budgets, and develop metrics of success.


Igor Stenmark

Co-founder of MGI Research - a quant-oriented tech industry research and advisory firm. Successful track record with a career spanning over 30 years. Author of numerous research papers, rating and market forecasting methodologies, equity indices and quantitative models. Formerly executive head of enterprise systems research group at Gartner. Strategic councel to tech consumers, tech suppliers and investors. Experienced software industry executive, entrepreneur and board member, founder and co-founder of several tech firms.

About MGI Research

MGI Research is an independent research and strategic advisory firm focused on disruptive trends in business finance technology. Major areas of focus include Agile Monetization, Payments, eCommerce, and Revenue optimization. MGI Research clients include business executives, major corporate IT buyers, technology supplier CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs and the institutional investor community. MGI analysts help business executives and IT organizations optimize technology strategies, narrow purchasing choices, speed up evaluation processes, and reduce risk and cost through negotiation assistance. MGI offerings include subscription research and advisory services, tech supplier ratings, proprietary quantitative tools like the MGI Cloud30 Index, and benchmarking services. For additional information, please visit www.mgiresearch.com